View Full Version : Front tire wobble at 100ish mph

10-06-2018, 11:51 AM
My front end wobbles really bad unless I hug my tank. Checked tire presssure and adjusted it a few times but nothing helps. Suggestions?

10-08-2018, 12:46 PM
Shiver or Dorsoduro? If pressures are OK, what about wear? Odd shapes to tyre profile can do weird things.

Failing that, it's most likely a geometry issue.

In terms of geometry, simply stated there is either too much trail, or not enough (strictly speaking it's a complex interaction of lots of parts, but it's driven by the centring / restoring force of the caster / trail figure).
If you're too light or too heavy for the stock springs, this can push the bike away from the ideal steering geometry.

If the bike sags at the back too much, you get more trail and less weight on the front: ideal for tank slapping if provoked at speed.
If it doesn't sag enough, then the front can be too steep (gives less trail) and it will feel "pointy" and light, too easily disturbed by road imperfections.

If you can set the sag via the preload adjusters so it's a reasonable figure front and rear, you shouldn't be far wrong. Lots of info on the nets.

Then, if it persists (and short of fitting a steering damper), you should investigate the suspension damping. There will be minor oscillations in the suspension stroke when you get these "wobbles", and so adjusting the damping one way or the other (try both, at both ends) might help keep it under control when it occurs, but won't necessarily prevent it outright.

10-09-2018, 03:56 AM
Was the steering head bearing tension set correctly in the factory?
My old Honda CB 750/4 with ball bearing steering head wobbling like a b*astard with worn bearings - tapered bearings allow for some adjustment. I can imagine that steering head bearing torque was not properly adjusted when assembled.

04-07-2019, 05:19 PM
Having the same issue however very subtle. With more wind its a lot more noticable. in the same riding day at 107 never entered my mind. I'm not light at 215 with all proper gear. Will steering Damper solve the problem? a friend of mine suggested Fork Wind Deflectors as well.

04-08-2019, 06:45 AM
I pulled my forks up (dorsoduro) to the third line and had wobble around 80 in wind. Moved to second line and seems better now.

04-09-2019, 02:21 PM
Hawkster, Im at the third Line as well. I must say again at 107 with the wind is when I felt the slight wobble. I will check this out again when the winds are calmer.