View Full Version : What's The Deal With My New MP3 Display!

06-24-2018, 02:35 PM
Hello guys - super informative forum you have here many thanks - Just bought a brand new pretty green 18 MP3. After my first ride I noticed that Piaggio buried the mph on the analog meter so its near impossible to read. So I thought to myself, Hey, that's no problem, I'll just use my big beautiful "Digital Display" to show how fast I'm zooming around. After an hour using a magnifying glass to read the goofy manual and pushing mode buttons and finding all sorts of really good "MPH" stuff, like average speed, maximum speed, etc,etc, etc. It now appears that some pizza head engineer at Piaggio didn't bother to put the most important function on the display which is "How Fast you're Going. Hello . . .

How can Piaggio make a bike like the MP3 with all this amazing technology sell it for 10 years, then take the time to re-engineer a new improved model and still leave something off that is so important as a digital speedometer. My little $3k SMax has a better dash and display - look at it's beautiful mph readout Piaggio!

I just don't get it!

Regards - Mike