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08-04-2004, 10:04 PM
As an MRA guy I only did LaJunta once this year and I saw on the cosportbikeclub.org board that there is an SMRI/ SMRA? race this weekend there. Any of you guys going there this weekend?
Heard about it late but would still like to go if I can get my wife to change our plans from going waverunner riding this weekend.

To all, sorry I haven't been posting my results in the MRA. Couple thirds and all the rest save one in the top ten. Just havent been able to get myself to ride the bike "loose" the way I used to ride my old zx7 back when I was younger. In my defense I will say that at all our open tracks, PPIR, Pueblo I seem to do well. But that tight little track Second Creek is kicking my ass as its so friggin exhausting heaving this thing back and forth constantly and not a single turn that could be considered an open sweeper. Friggin R-6s..... like damn gnats.

I love Denver but sometimes I'd like to be back in the midwest racing at Gateway, Putnam, Indy raceway park, and Road Atlanta again. Really like to try out Barber and VIR, probably wont happen unless I move back there though and thats unlikely.

Cheers all

Jay "RZ"
MRA #337

08-22-2004, 10:15 AM
Hey Jay. Sorry you missed PMI last weekend. I was spectating instead of racing. Crashed in the NGTO race at the last SCR race and broke my collarbone, shoulder blade and 6 ribs :mad: A guy high sided right in front of me in the rats nest and left me with no place to go but down. Knocked me cold and I don't remember anything after seeing his ass in the air at eye level. Next thing I was on a backboard with a C collar on and the EMT telling me to quit trying to get up :D I'm planning to make the last race and then sell the R6 so I can join you in STO and HWSB and SS next year. I talked to Rick T yesterday and he made mention that he thought you might quit racing the Mille next year. That true? Hope not. Be fun to have more Aprilias out there. Plus there was only 7 entries total in SuperTO at PMI.

Watched your son on the R6 at PMI and he is getting faster all the time. He looks good! Are you doing the SCR race next weekend? If so, good luck and I'll see you out there.

08-22-2004, 05:43 PM
Mike, sorry to hear about how banged up you got. Heal quick!!
Yeah, unfortunately I had military duty and we are just now coming in from the field on an exercise. Great fun.
I will almostdefinately still be riding my Mille next year but we are not sure whether or not Erik is going to continue racing his.
My son got alot quicker at Pueblo and its to bad he wont be in any more races this year but he is leaving for the AirForce Sept 1st to become a 1C2, "combat controller". While he is off training I am going to go completely through his bike so he can catch an event here and where.