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03-30-2003, 01:20 AM

OK, since it only took 20 minutes to get registered at this site I'll try to make this brief... :-)

I live in Northern California and own a fairly mint 1995 RS-250 Chesterfield Max Biaggi Replica, No. 292. I have recently brought it out of storage, having sat since the Aprilia Cup Races at Laguna Seca about 2 years ago. The clutch plates are sticking and I'd like to change the oil... Here's where I'm having a problem. The manuals I have say "20-50 Motor Oil" ... a few sites say Motul gear Oil, and other are in the 20-70 range...

What do you folks recommend/prefer? Being a Ducati owner, I must say I'm fairly confused..

Today I bled the radiator and added new water wetter, installed a new set of stock expansion chambers... Don't ask me how I found them up in Livermore, CA but it was pure luck and $100.00 (My had a crack and were spitting) and generally cleaned and topped off the fluids. Are there any other areas I should be looking at? The power valves are working fine and still synchronized... the carbs are a bit gummy and need a good cleaning, etc. I'm kinda stuck with the gear oil though.

Does anyone have any tips on the clutch... this seems to have happened before, but never were the plates:eek: this stuck... Thanks all... this is a great forum!


03-30-2003, 01:39 AM
hi RW,

basically, it has been said that 30w engine oil is akin to the 80w "gear box" oil for two strokes. i'm fairly certain that all the RS250 engines are of similar specification... i run maxima 80w "MTL" transmission oil in mine.

i don't know what to say about the clutch plates... may need to go in there and just separate them all. i've seen "sticky" clutch packs in bikes were stored before... took some coaxing to make them come back to life without opening up the engine.

good luck!
=) chris

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03-30-2003, 11:24 AM

Cool to see another 250 owner in the Bay Area. I'm in Hayward. Have you gone by Speed Sports yet? They are in Livermore and picked up the Aprilia franchise recently ( www.speed-sports.com/ (http://www.speed-sports.com/) ).

I've used the Motul 2T transmission oil and it appears to be good stuff. Was recommended to me by my dealer.

Also, have you taken the clutch apart or are you just changing the fluids.?

Take a look at my site ( www.joe250.com (http://www.joe250.com) ) and email me if I can be of assistance. I'm headed up to Mines Rd. this morning for a ride. You should take the RS there sometime. Its perfect for it.


03-30-2003, 05:33 PM
I've just had a similar problem.

I purchased a 96 model that hadn't run for 2-3 years. Major problem i had wasn't the clutch - the fuel system hadn't been drained before it was put to bed.

If yours hadn't either, ie fuel tank emptied and carbs drained then you should do the following:

Take off tank, remove fuel tap and give tank a major clean inside. Use a pressure washer if you can then leave it in your lounge for a week to dry out. hope your other half is as understanding as mine!!

Next, take apart fuel tap and clean out crap.

Next, remove both carbs and take of float chambers. Chances are they'll be full of crud (congealed old petrol). Remove float pins and remove float valves. If they're stuck or buggered, I've got a brand new set so let me know (with the seats and o-rings aswell).

Remove small plastic filter in each fuel pipe inlet on both carbs and clean.

Replace fuel lines if needs be.

Hope thats helpful, let me know if u need more help. I did all the above meticulously and mine started on the 4th kick and sat ticking over no worries.


03-30-2003, 11:45 PM
Thanks for all of the feedback... Drained the gray sludge that was once gear oil and tossed in some Motul this afternoon... Clutch worked immediately.:lol:

Beanarillo, I may have to take you up on your parts... The bike started first kick after cleaning out the tank of the old gas and has been running fine ever since... I'm sure the carbs are in dire need of a cleaning, especially since the gas smelled like turpintine.

Again, thanks for all the insight... The bike was running so good I actually taught my wife to ride today on the little machine! She was stoked!