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06-08-2017, 10:44 PM
Hello Aprilia junkies,

This is mainly angled towards Dorsoduro 1200 owners but is a servicing advise question in general.
My Dorsoduro 1200 is due for its major service and where I live (Brisbane, Australia) there is only 1 official Aprilia dealer. The quote from the Aprilia dealer is about $400 more than non Aprilia dealers Iíve spoken to. Some of the other dealers wont touch the DD because they donít have the Aprilia diagnostics and others will do the mechanical stuff (valve clearances etc) but not the ECU checks due to the lack of software and therefore wont stamp the service log book.

Does anyone out there think it will be an issue to have a non Aprilia dealer perform the service at $400 less? Aprilia donít even make the same model anymore and things cant have changed much since the last major service right? So unless there is a warning light do I even need to be concerned with what the ECU is telling a computer? I understand the service interval warning light will come on but Iím hoping that part could be done for free (like it was for the minor service) or very cheaply worse case.

Advise on this would be greatly appreciated guys! Any thoughts or opinions? AF1 racing guys? Can you shed some light on this issue being an official Aprilia dealer/service center?

Thanking you all in advance