View Full Version : how to get the advance degree pick up coil RS250

04-30-2003, 04:06 AM
there is two pick up coil, how to get the advance degree
any method i can try?

because i just bought programmable ignition but it need
data of the two pick up coil in degree

any expert here can help me

thank you

04-30-2003, 05:14 AM
Okay, quite easy, take the spark plugs out, and remove the left engine cove (over the flywheel and magnetos). Next with the clutch pulled in find TDC (top dead centre) by putting a 'soft' feeler through the spark plug hole - somethin like a clean (wooden or soft plastic) dowel rod will do. To find TDC, rotate the flywheel 'forward' - which is counter-clockwise I think, and find the point where the piston is at the top using the feeler (or you can take the head off and do it visually). Once you have found TDC, locate the raised rectangular block on the outside of the flywheel, and using a protractor measure the angle between the leading edge of the 'block' and the closest magneto (the magneto should be clockwise from the block). You should be able to get within half a degree or so accuracy - you can then repeat for the other cylinder and magneto...