View Full Version : Dash aprilia 2006 swap?

09-19-2016, 06:44 AM

I've a 2002 aprilia 125RS but with the engine, CPU and cablework from a 2006 bought for my 12 year old daughter who starts doing some track racing. This bike has been used in internatinal competition racing and engine is completely modified. I have had no dash but got one with it went I bought it. Problem is that except the backlight , neutral etc works but the RPM does a test but doesn't work went riding. The cpu in the bike is a euro 2 denso and someone told me that the dash with it goes max to 12K and mine goes to 14K. Also I see a sign of EFI and I have a carburettor. Is there anybody who can swap my dash to a one I need?

Thanks already