View Full Version : Airbubbles under the coating of the tank. (Not tanks side-panels) Dorsoduro 1200-'11

08-30-2016, 04:34 AM
I recently changed my bikes battery and realized the small "acne" i had seen in the plastic tank-coating on the bikes left side,,
-is spreading like herpes all over the tanks coating.
And it's not only where the sun usually shines. ;) So deterioration due to sun/weather is out of the discussion.
F.Y.I - I live in Sweden and the sun is NOT that hot and strong. + my bike is parked/stored in a garage and seldom put in the sun for any extended time.

It's bubbly all the way under the forward fitting-nob/ under the saddle as well. As it is showing on both sides of the tank.
And IT'S NOT Solvent OR Gas leakage which causes this.

Does anyone else have this problem and is this an issue for Aprilia_support to look into?

Help spread the word. Tank-herpes is the worst!!

09-06-2016, 11:13 AM
Hi. From what I understand this is usually caused by alcohol in the fuel. We are lucky here in Canada as we can still get alcohol free Chevron 94 in most places.
I understand that there is a coating that you can get for the inside of the tank that helps with this also. Some people have also reported cases of tank swelling caused by the same thing. Have a look around on this site and you should be able to find info. Cheers Tom

09-07-2016, 12:47 PM
Check out CASWELL's tank sealer. I have heard good reports on this... Cheers T