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07-09-2004, 04:34 PM
Hi, I know that there has already been a connected conversation on this subjetc, but Id like to ask something about the digital speedometers they sell on www.scooter-center.com.

Firstly, heres why I need to know...

Well basically my speedometer is broken, and the dealer has quoted me over 100 to fix it, this is due to two main reasons, one the part which is broken is the head unit of the dashboard, a plastic clip is broken which holds the speedo in place, this whole unit is about 80 alone, this includes fuel guage, oil temp, lighting, and speedo. The second thing is the labout, all the electriacl system will need to be replaced, plus a new cable, and the top of that is broken also.

So, I thought instead of paying out this sort of money, why not buy a digital speedo for 20, and fit it in where the old one previously was, I am planning to make a very good job of it, like remove the old pin, make a bracket for it, screw it in place, have the cable running down the old one. Then Ill have a speedo, with lots of extras, not facing risk of getting stolen, its dry, and looks neat.

So the 2 questions are...

Does it come with a light for use at night, wether built-in or not, I will need a light. On Scooter Center a seperate light is sold, its called "lighting for digital speedometer" now this makes me think that lighting is sold seperatly, so does it come with alight, or is the above part just a spare. If a light doesnt come with it, I will set up a small light bulb/LED with a switch to light it at night.

Secondly and even more importantly, those of you who have the exact speedo Im refering to, do you think that it will fit in the gap between the dashboard, and the perspex (or whatever it is) cover (plastic glass) If not I will attemp to modify something to make it fit, or simply place it somewhere else. Could you please give me some rough estimates on the height of it.

I think that I may need to be able to touch it to cahnge modes, etc, so perhaps it will not be a suitable place to position it anyway...just a thought.