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DVD Plaza
07-03-2004, 05:25 AM
Hey guys,

Wiring up a security system on my SR50 and hit a small snag. I dig the red wire/blue wire debate and cut the green/yellow wire - but my scooter still starts!!! From what I could work out from the manual that was the positive leading up to the start button. I obviously cut something else, perhaps the lights to the dash or something :(

Anyways, I now notice there are TWO runs of cables leading up to the dash - one wrapped in tape (easy to get to and the one I was working from) and one encased in a solid tube... I take it there's another green/yellow wire within that...?

P.S. If it helps anyone else the systems all say to flash the tail lights, since bikes obviously don't have a hazard cable, but I've instead implemented my own hazard setup. Simply hooked up a pair of diodes to each indicator and then shorted them to the security system - thus it can flash both left & right together but when indicating the left/right will still operate independantly as normal. Tested and worked a treat.

DVD Plaza
07-04-2004, 04:05 AM
Originally posted by DVD Plaza
I now notice there are TWO runs of cables leading up to the dashTurns out the other one I was thinking of (after accounting for the others as being front brake, rear brake, and throttle) was the speedo... so the wire MUST be amongst that single batch.

My original huntch, before settling on green/yellow, was the yellow/red...


I've now cut that...

Starter is now dead - phew! :banana: