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06-12-2015, 10:56 PM
This is an extract from my email i just sent to the dealer asking wtf is going to be done about how many issues my DD1200 has had in the past year.

1. Blinkers snapped off at the stems (fixed TY)
2. Bike has wierd idling down to stall issue (just lived with it)
3. Dash board randomly displays nothing after starting the bike (still an issue)
4. Rattle coming from the front of the bike. Can't remember what it was but Boris fixed it.
5. Issue not revving past 6k when cold. Faulty Air Sensor
6. Rains heavy. Bike starts cutting out, Horn stops working (who needs safety?) and miss firing. Not sure if anything was broken as such.
7. I work late just recently. Bike in the cold starts, but the dash displays nothing even after 3 attempts to restart. 4th it finally works.
8. Next day going home bike starts miss firing, idling to stall and in general being a total bitch. (faulty exhaust sensor) Disconnected the bike runs amazingly strong. Wonder if its been faulty since purchase.
9. Find a nasty gouge on my front fork (in the gold). Bring it in and Rod has a look at identifies that under heavy load the brake lines are scraping on the forks and grinding away the metal (yes factory lines). Still waiting on Aprilia for this one.
10. After having the flu for a week i role the bike out to give it a wash. Get to the back....wtf. The fender eliminator wiring holder\cover which is mounted (metal) in 3 places has had all 3 places snap off! Its hanging down towards the back wheel. Is the rear sub frame flexing to much for it to handle. Should i really have to care this much or have to work out the engineering reasons why things just don't work?
11. I forgot. Dash board still does that random crap where it won't display anything when you start. i count that as another issue because it just doesn't go away.

Eddie Aprilia
06-13-2015, 05:11 AM
Other than that she runs like a dream .

Sorry couldn't resist

If under warranty id be asking for a new bike !

06-13-2015, 03:59 PM
yeh i basically asked the dealer what they are going to do about it. I sure don't want to own something with so many problems when the warranty runs out. I really enjoy the bike....just scared of what could become a giant money pit.

06-16-2015, 11:29 AM
I'd start sending emails to Aprilia's distributer for Aus.No matter what manufacturer you get lemons.I've never had a bike like that but I have had a car and after to many items fixed to list without this becoming a novel I got them to buy the car back.Often it seems to be the case of just getting hold of the right person.Then again sometimes you just get people being stupid,I had a Dell that ended up with about 10 times it's cost of repair work done till everything but the cases had been replaced.It worked fine after and I always figured the retailer didn't just replace the comp. cause they were making a killing billing Dell for the repairs.Have any of the the things fixed broke again?Good Luck...