View Full Version : Molded Coolant Hose Pinhole

06-10-2015, 10:05 AM
Hey DD12 owners, I wanna give you guys a heads up on a issue that is apparently a more common issue. The molded coolant hose between the cylinder heads has a pinhole leak cause catastrophic coolant loss. Luckily it happened in my driveway when the hole showed itself. Big puff of white smoke and coolant spewing scaring the heck out of me. I didn't have the tools or shop to get down to this molded hose, however Moto International in Seattle is taking care of me, as well as other maintenance I am requiring. Seems a bit steep in price, but for all the work i'm getting done (replace molded hoses, new coolant, oil change, oil filter, safety recall, latest MAP, clutch/brake fluid flushes) it seems fair.

So I guess in short, if you have the oppritunity to check this hose sometime do it! Don't go through the hassle I have been going through to get my bike back during the best riding time this year has to offer!