View Full Version : DIY tail tidy and indicators

03-19-2015, 01:05 PM
finally got around to finishing up my rear end after the MIVV exhaust install. I wanted something really minimal and was going to mount the plate up under the pipe y-splitter, but found out that was semi-illegal in MN. So I went back to another plan of putting a minimal plate install under the rear tail light. I fashioned a bracket out of 1/8 x2" aluminum sheet and mounted a plate frame to it. The seat key was really the hard part as on the 2012 version they extended the key hole and cable way down the fender arm and it's about 5" longer than the 2011 model. The Cable kept kinking and popping the seat, so I had to fashion a long arm that extends up and between the exhaust pipes to keep it tight. In the end it works really well and wasn't bad for $10 in aluminum.

Indicator lighting is optional in MN but I wanted to keep something flashing in the rear. I found a micro light for the license plate and it is very bright and mounts with adhesive on the tail light. I was surprised by the amount of clearance on the rear fairing once the stock exhaust was gone. It's a great opportunity to hide some turning indicators though. I got some super bright LED indicators off of eBay and mounted two per side on an aluminum plate. They mount up to the stock exhaust hanger holes. Installed they are completely hidden, but are very bright from the rear. I think its a pretty slick setup. Wiring was straightforward and i had to put 25w resistors in to keep the ECU happy. All in all a fairly easy mode that makes the Dorso look pretty slick.

03-22-2015, 01:51 PM
Nice job really cleans up the rear of the bike. Cool turn signal idea thanks for sharing.