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03-08-2015, 02:01 AM
We have had amazing weather here compared to the rest of the Canada it happens some years here on the west coast.I have been out on my DD1200 almost every day for the last week.It's still cold in the mornings but the afternoons are great and about the only thing to watch for is some damp spots on the roads where there's lots of shade.There's only one road thats worth riding close to where I live and the days are still to short to head out to my favourite roads so that's where I have been riding.I headed out at noon today and with the weekend here lots of bikes were out.Part of my ride goes through a park road and as I came to the turn off a couple of bikes were pulled over the riders standing there by the parks sign,they waved I waved then I blasted of heading for the first corner which is a switch back and blasted myself into 30 meters of road covered in frost.It wasn't there the last 3 days I had been here so it came as a f-ing big surprise which is what probable saved me a trip to the hospital.I didn't touch the brakes because I was to busy trying to back of the gas smoothly and stay straight,the rear end lost traction as soon as I hit the frost and I was going straight so there no doubt that if I had of put any sudden inputs into the bike I would of been toast.So keep and eye out for those frost patches if your out riding early this year.....

03-08-2015, 04:52 PM
No frost there today just some turd in a vet who figured he'd go around a bump by pulling into the oncoming lane.For an instant I was wondering what his car would look like if I used it as a ramp and drove over him.That would be a picture for Facebook.Restraint seems to be a necessary reminder on the dd1200, no wheelies over sports cars or blasting through the town centre on one wheel, taking short cuts with stairs involved and most important no getting caught doing any of that shit....

03-08-2015, 04:58 PM
41F here today, no frost. Good to be back on two wheels again. Keep it safe Locky.