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01-19-2015, 06:29 PM
271247I read all the suggestions on here (thanks by the way)and went online and read the 10 best this and 25 best that and here's what I came up with.I wanted something that was easy to use which left out padded shorts.Looking for some place to take off shorts if the wedding tackle is cooking or install them when my butt hurts just doesn't seem that easy and could take the fun out of a nice day out.The strap on doodads for the most part where too high or stupidly priced as was 650.00 Can. to have a seat that I had to provide the base for customizing.But in almost everything I read sheepskin pads came up and had good reviews.So I got a hold of Alaska leather and got a pad with an extra strap installed and shipped for under $70.00 Can. It fits great and seems much better but because of the weather I've only been around my neighbourhood trying it.It fits the bill for ease of use.I can leave it on or carry it rolled up in my tail bag and install it in minute and not worry about explaining why I want to stop to put on or take off my padded shorts,that road leads to embarrassment .Or tipping over cause I'm 40 inches of the ground and if it doesn't turn out or I find something better my dogs where eyeing it thinking one of them got a new bed.When I get some saddle time on it I'll post how it's working.....

01-26-2015, 05:40 PM
Weather got good enough to get a ride in today.The sheep skin works great better than expected......