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10-18-2014, 11:57 PM
Reading the post about age got me thinking about why this bike makes me feel like doing stupid/fun things like racing thru twisty roads with guys on sport bikes younger than my children lifting the front end out of tight turns and the rear end going in.I'd be the first to admit that I'm a bike nut but having been a fan of and owned some nice street fighters that on paper should be as fast as the DD1200 and have as good brakes they seem tame now.The DD1200's not comfortable,the seat height is a pain,the dealer network is as rare as the bike is,the tank is to small and it gets horrible gas milage and I have to go the certain gas stations to get gas with no alcohol in it.For all that I love the bike.The last fighter I had was fun but I found myself sitting at Starbucks chit chatting as much as riding.On the DD I find myself taking hours riding out to roads I know I can be fast on without worrying about the man and bringing a thermos.I end up paying for it with a sore butt and if the weather holds I'm back out at it the next day.This bike is fun it puts a big smile on my face riding it.Hard to put a finger on what makes it such
a hooligan machine though.
How about you are you the poster boy for riding schools or you ride like its stolen type,maybe somewhere in between.Love or hate it ?

10-19-2014, 01:49 PM
mostly commute but get the odd day out like today, when I do I don't go mad just enjoy the ride and take it mostly easy, bike doesn't often get above 4th but its strong suit is the grunt from low speed in 2nd and 3rd, on these wet autumn days the TCS light lets you know when to back off!

it wont suit when I need a tourer, probably when i retire - until then its ideal!

10-19-2014, 02:14 PM
Got my DD1200 on the 25th June 2014 and it had 7km on the odo and to date have put on 7800km (4846 miles) in everyday riding on short trips of less than 10km to longer trips of over 350km.
In the beginning the seat was a bit uncomfortable on anything longer than a 10km trip, but my ass has gotten used to it, I guess.
I stop regularly for a smoke break anyways, so the ass does get a rest.

I regularly wring it's neck though and have seen 248kmh on the speedo and that was on the limiter in 6th, it would not go any quicker than that. Plenty fast enough to make some other rider's of "bigger" bikes take notice and comment that it is plenty fast.

I just love the get-up-and-go attitude the motor has. It is smooth from tickover to limiter and I love the torquiness in any gear from any revs.
Some days I will cruise along and changing up at nothing over 3000rpm, and get pretty decent mileage from a tank (most I have seen before the reserve light comes on is 165km), or I go hooligan mode and see around 80km to reserve.

The main thing I love about it is the two-faced nature of the DD. It can happily do the normal traffic commuter thing with the map in Touring mode, or it can hang with superbikes on the twisties with ease in Sport mode.
Suspension took a bit of fiddling to get right for me, and is still a bit on the stiff side, but it is not a tourer.
Seat height took a bit of getting used to (I am 5'11" and 78kg, so not a big fellow), but it is not so tall as to be uncomfortable.
I love riding in traffic as it is so easy to scan for a long way ahead due to being so high up.
At low speed, the top heavy nature is a bit weird, but once up to speed, the top heaviness falls away and the bike is a pleasure to ride.

I love my DD and can honestly say I have not regretted buying it for a single second.
I am 44 now and I have bad wrists due to a bad bike accident 14 years ago and I find superbikes uncomfortable. But my wrists have never given any hassles with the DD.

10-20-2014, 03:02 PM
agree, getting on a bit doesn't mean you have to ride a big sofa on wheels (mostly BMWs over here round my way), and the rarity value is nice too

DD is a good compromise for the power of a race rep but a semi reasonable riding stance, as long as you get off every hour (maybe that's why the tank is so small?)