View Full Version : Need an old cylinder head for a jig, for the new tuning device

08-06-2014, 03:28 PM
Hey guys,
I've just wasted an afternoon trying to find a precision shop, down here in the Sud.
Failed miserably, and on the way back, 'needs must' I figured out how I can do the job with the tools I've got.

I can remove my cylinder head, to hold the spark plug body square.... and then machine it (the plug).
However.... that's a real bind, and presuming a lot of you guys will want this kit, I figured it would be better if I had a knackered cylinder head, that would do the job perfectly.

So.... does anybody have a totally surplus cylinder head, with the spark plug thread at 90 degrees to the face?
It doesn't matter if everything is shitty.... I just need to hold a spark plug upright.... and with an AM6 or other cylinder head, I can do this, and clamp the head to my bench.

Anyway.... PM me if you have one.

Everything is well with the project...... the final two components are under discussion right now, so within a couple of weeks the prototype should be assembled, and I'll be able to provide the test data (presuming it works of course :D ).