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06-09-2004, 10:42 PM
I am having a few minor problems with my 2002 SR-50 DiTech.


I have been noticing oil leaking from around the final drive gear enclosure. Not knowing the source of the leak, I cleaned off the enclosure, changed the gear oil and waited for more leakage.

Turns out, it's the rear shock. I would imagine it has a blown seal. When compressed, it definitely sounds air bound, and fully compresses with little to no dampening as you would expect from an oil dampened shock absorber.

It is the stock shock. Is this repairable, or is a new shock in order here?


I have the Troy Corser SBK Replica SR, flat black with red / silver accents. All the black fairings look fine. The red fairings look run down though. Very sun faded from living it's first two years mainly outside in Honolulu and San Diego. The exception to this is the front fender, which is molded in a glossy red plastic rather than a flat red. How much of an endeavor is it to repaint these fairings? Is it something a do-it-yourselfer can accomplish? Or should I take these to an auto paint facility and have them do it in a dust free environment? I would like to get them painted in gloss red to match the front fender. Also, all of the decals on the bike are sun faded as well. Are full decal kits available?


I've never lived close to an Aprilia dealership. I bought the bike new from Mototek and had it shipped out to Hawaii. It has just over 2500 miles on it (Probably less... We know how accurate the speedo is) and has never been serviced professionally. I change the gear oil regularly and use racing grade injector non synthetic 2 stroke oil and 93 octane fuel exclusively. I pull the plug regularly to check for abnormal discoloration and it still looks good. I've had zero issues with the engine, and it still runs strong, but I am getting a bit worried as my odometer is not going backwards, that's for sure. The closest Aprilia dealer to me is a two hour scooter trip. Is it worth it to take the bike all the way out there? As far as I know, the ECU still has the original software in it. I'm unsure what rev this is, but I have heard talk of 2.6.1 and 2.7 upgrades now. Is it worth the long ride to get my bike looked at from an Aprilia dealership and get the ECU re-mapped?

Any answers are good answers at this point. :D

Thanks in advance


06-10-2004, 12:27 PM
Only points 2 and 3.

2 Red is notorious for fading in strong sunblight. if you "t cut" it or use a restorer polish you might cut through the oxidation and get back to the original colour. when you do, put a uv resistant polish on. That might delay the inevitable a few years.

3 the speedo may be inaccurate but the odometer is not that bad. Checking mine, it is maybe 5 to 10% out. If you ahve derestricted the variator and can pull an indicated 80 to 90 kms/hr in normal riding, you are pretty close to what you will get from derestricting the ignition as well. The variator makes more difference.

06-10-2004, 03:24 PM
I have tried using various polishes / rubbing compunds to try and restore the red to it's original color with fair results at best. I picked up some Krylon Fusion paint today in Red Pepper. It's a pretty close match to the front fender / original red color. I'll try that out on somthing inconspicuous and see how it looks.

Someone else used the Krylon Fusion paint on their SR and it looked pretty damn goood.

As far as deristrictions go. I have the ECU mapped to dealer test, but it's on old software revision. I have heard the latest software revs allow for a bit higher RPM for a little more power during uphill climbs. Currently, I have the bike fully derestricted (Both variator and ECU), 6.5g roller weights, white contra spring, kevlar belt, and Pollini G2 clutch. Bike accelerates really well, considering stock exhaust / cylynder. Going up any grade is a challenge though. I can normally maintain around 50-55 by speedometer flat. Around 60 top on slight downhill grades. As soon as I hit an uphill grade, it slows to 40.

I'm more concerned with the regular maintenance. What does the factory servicing entail? Anything special?

Eventually the plan is to fit the Leo Vince Chrome ZX pipe and Malossi Multivar. I'm a little concerned with doing the 70cc kit mainly because I don't want to do any damage to the stock crank. Are there racing cranks available for the Ditech yet?

Until more performance upgrades come along, I want to make the best out of what I have...

06-10-2004, 04:33 PM
The stock shock can't be rebuilt IMO..I've been searching for rear shock up-grade...so far only found one for carbed model..nothing for Ditech yet...The one for carb would fit on Ditech with airbox modificatin's IMO..I don't want to go that far..I'd like to find one that fit's and is adjustable............:peace: