View Full Version : Front end set up (and a bit of a rant)

06-29-2014, 06:37 AM
Now that I've had me DD1200 a few months I have to say the only things I don't like about the bike is the front end.Yes the seat is hard but I've gotten used to it,but I find the
front end way to stiff.Coming down a hill braking in to a corner and hit some bumps you can forget about a smooth line through the corner.
Have you messed with your front end set up?Found anything that works better.I went to a supermoto site and asked about their suspension setups when I told them what I was ridden
you would think I had a disease.What the hell is with the bike community these days.Seems where getting caught up in this stupid grove of what type of bike we ride.To everyone who doesn't ride and they are the majority a bike is a bike and they don't care what you ride when they try to take away your rights..

06-29-2014, 06:56 AM
I had my front forks revalved by the local suspension guy it was money well spent.