View Full Version : Is it properly priced?

06-15-2014, 01:15 AM
Found a 2011 DD 1200 with 870 miles for 8000. Only mod is a license plate tuck, guy says he's selling because he has too many toys and not enough room after buying a new RZR. Whatcha all think? Its black with yellow rear spring. Non ABS or ATC.

06-15-2014, 08:04 AM
That's a great deal. 2012's were clearancing for 10k

06-15-2014, 06:38 PM
Excellent! I'm dying to test ride this thing but I'm closing on buying a house and opening a loan right now is a terrible idea. Couple more weeks and if the guy still hasn't sold it then I will have the wife drive my happy ass 120 miles and ride it through the Columbia river gorge at breakneck speed! Also, even though this bike is practically brand new still, what should I specifically be looking for in terms of things going bad? What are possible common breakages on the 2011 model DD1200 USA models?

06-15-2014, 07:38 PM
I haven't had my bike long enough to know if there is a maintenance issue. The forum just lists a few guys with water pump issues or possibly leaky side gasket. Other than that I hear they are rock solid.

I understand the trouble with getting a loan while doing other stuff. That's why I jumped on a close out dealer bike. Financing was super flexible and really whatever I wanted. Can't get that through a private sale. Get it and ride the grin off your face!!

06-19-2014, 05:21 PM
good price... i just bought my 2012 DD 1200 last month for $9800