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05-23-2014, 02:32 PM
So I bought a set of aftermarket Domino grips for the T, only to discover, like many before, the BS with the stock plastic throttle tube being specially molded for the factory grip. :spankie:

I didn't want to hack the tube, so I started looking for alternatives.

G2 makes a progressive "tamer" tube for our bikes (in fact it's the ONLY tube listed for the Tuono), but I felt the bike was already "tame" enough and certainly didn't want to neuter the throttle response. I called G2 asking about buying one with a size "100" cam (which closely matches the stock profile), and was told they didn't make one that would fit.

After more research, I discovered that the Tuono shares the same Domino manufactured throttle housing and throttle tube as some KTM models, specifically the RC8 which has the _exact_ same part number as the Tuono tube (the number on the tube itself). I ordered the G2 "stock" tube for the KTM models which comes with a number 100 cam, and guess what, the shit fits 100% perfect.


^select KTM 4-stroke 690/950/990 from the drop down list.

One caveat - apparently, while they look identical on the outside, the top cover of the throttle housing is machined inconsistently - the G2 tubes will, for example, fit ALL compatible Super Duke housings, but some of the RC8 housings are a little tight and require a bit of modification (this is likely why the RC8 isn't specifically mentioned as one of the compatible models on the G2 site). So, it's quite possible that while the tube fits my housing just fine, it might not fit all of them. Worst case you have to modify the top cover a bit, or simply buy a used Super Duke throttle housing on ebay and utilize that top cover.

Hope this information helps someone down the road. :cigar:

06-10-2014, 04:31 PM
I went down this road with G-2 awhile back trying to get a "quick action" or quick-turn throttle tube. Ended up making one myself based on input from others on this forum who had done the same. Turned my standard 1/4 turn tube into a 1/5 turn tube and it works great. You can do a search on "quick action throttle" and probably find my post with pictures and description.