View Full Version : The mystery of the odd Footrest Plates - part # 890243

05-06-2014, 07:11 AM
Hi Guys n Gals . . . I need your input on one of the smallest parts on the bike.

I've been wearing my foot peg sliders away at a rapid rate . . . the right one is pretty much gone & I'm now grinding away at the foot peg itself on that side.

I figure my cornering shenanigans can only go so far, so as part of my attempt to revise the level of my leaning I ordered a couple of the Footrest Plates [incl welded peg slider] to "start again". :WTF:

Iíve now received the plate from my local dealer. Itís the correct part number, and the shape is the same as in the parts catalogue, however as you can see by the attached photo, itís clearly nothing like what I have on my bike [ie: the black brackets with the welded peg slider].

The holes on all brackets align, but the plate is clearly much lighter gauge material, smaller & simpler in shape and most importantly, doesnít have the welded ďpeg slider / Hero knobĒ attached.

Itís a bit of a mystery.

So, what do you guys have under your pegs? The beefer bracket with the peg sliders, OR a simpler bracket & NO slider, OR something else?

cheers . . . Steve-O



Micah / AF1 Racing
05-06-2014, 07:33 AM
I'm guessing here but it looks to be a ROW or Rest of World, part. Ridiculously long peg feelers are a uniquely North American thing I think? If you got the flat plate part only I'm sure you can use the feeler tips from a Tuono or other model that are close to the desired length? It is odd but, I don't think they have the parts fiche completely sorted out for entire world of optional parts for the Capo 1200 just yet. Does your new set of plates have a threaded boss for mounting a removable feeler extension, almost all the other models allow you to unscrew and remove the feeler extension if the bike is going to used aggressively like at the track or in hard core canyon riding?

05-06-2014, 07:55 AM
When I bought a saddle bag kit for my '02 Capo, it came with extra long relacement foot peg feelers. So is it possible this piece is part of the Travel Pack Package?


05-06-2014, 11:27 AM
I have the same problem. The company who rebuilt my bike after it was part wrecked are unable to get one from Italy. They have also been sent this same flat plate twice. I also asked my local dealer & he cant get one either. I was wondering if there is a matching par on another bike, e.g. Dorsoduro perhaps ?

05-07-2014, 05:13 AM
I've got the beefier one with the hero knob feeler, just like the one you've ground down. I couldn't be more sure as I have just bent my left knob back into shape after bending it in a drop a while back (just didnt notice the bent knob til last week).


05-08-2014, 07:45 PM
When I bought a saddle bag kit for my '02 Capo, it came with extra long relacement foot peg feelers. So is it possible this piece is part of the Travel Pack Package?


ditto. mine are short on the new capo though.

05-19-2014, 06:23 AM
Aaaaaaaaaah . . . the mystery has almost been solved. I've been chasing up the issue with the Australian Aprilia distributor. It was a mystery to them, though all demo / for sale models had the 'hero slider / knob', and no other current or recent model in the Aprilia range had a 'plate' like it.

Aprilia Italy have now advised the OZ distributors that they've identified the part, and are in the process of creating it in the Parts cataloque.

Stay tuned [pretty exciting, hey! :funnypost ] for an update on availability and OZ pricing.