View Full Version : Are my battery cables backwards?

04-16-2014, 11:06 PM
Here's the story, my battery (the original factory one in a 2009 T) was getting a little weak. Still working but, turning over a little slower than I'd like and I don't like the idea of being stranded somewhere. I come across an internet coupon for $50 off $100 purchase from Advance Auto, online orders only. So, I get on their website and they have a Autocraft AGM battery for $104.99, free shipping- a little steep but, take $50 off and its a good deal. Its made by East Penn and its the same as the Deka and several other well regarded AGM mc batteries. Going by the application guide on the website, I order a ETX14L, which I know is going to be slightly larger than the original Yuasa YTX12-BS battery but, I have read threads here that tell of using that size battery and making it fit in the battery compartment. Bigger is better. What I didn't know is, the "L" in ETX14L refers to the side of the battery the terminals are on. I had the battery a couple of weeks before I decided to install it and go for a Saturday ride. Saturday morning 8am- pull the old battery out, drop in the new one. Easy peasy. Right? Not so much. Being preoccupied with thoughts of riding and a case of spring fever clouding my judgement, I put the new battery in and start to connect the cables the only way possible, without the precaution of looking closely at the battery polarity. First the positive, then the negative. POP! HMM, What was that? Oh! Shit! Thats what. WTF? The fooking battery is backwards. I'm thinking $$$ damage- ECU, immobilizer, who knows. Immediately, I get on the garage 'puter and check the Adavance Auto website. Check the battery for part number. Sure enough, thats the one that comes up when you plug in "Aprilia Tuono 2009." Now in Panic Mode! Back to the bike, checking fuses. One of the 30 amp fuses is blown. Replace fuse. Reinstall the old battery, turn on switch. Instrument cluster comes to life. Yehah! Push starter button. Bike starts. YEEHAAH!!! Rev bike. Bike dies. Push starter button, nothing. UH, OH. Check fuses, disconnect, reconnect battery. Turn key, hit starter. Bike starts, dies. So, I'm checking wires and other random possibilities. Whats is this funny looking thing that was attached to the battery hold down that rattles when you move it? Ahah. The tip over sensor that I didn't secure in my haste to see if the bike was fried. Secure the tip over, turn the key, push the start button.... to be continued......


BTW, I got on the phone with the Advance Auto Customer service, they actually answer the phone on Saturday, and they tell me to take the battery to the store and let the manager look at it. The store is less than a mile from my house and they have the ETX14 on the shelf. Easy swap. The website still lists the ETX14L as correct for the 2009 Aprilia Tuono. So, is my bike backwards or is the Advance Auto website application guide backwards?