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06-01-2004, 09:32 PM
Headed down to Phillip on Monday morning to meet up/ surprise Leigh (Exdukenut) and to have my last go at the track before Winter shuts it down.
The bike was primed as l just did it's major 15k service at Bikebarn with the TB's and TPi horrible out of wack and hopeful that the tuneup would give me that extra punch needed to better the times.
Arriving at the Island greeted us with a strong tail wind (down the straight) but clear and sunny day, abeit cold conditions...hey you get that from a coastal track and being in late autumn. Also, for the first time at a track day, their were at least 3 other Milles, 2 flaco's and 1 Tuono R
I actively looked for this famed falco with NSW plates of Leigh's and found him in a pitshed next to where Aust.Superbike School HQ was situated.
I would have to say that it is the trickiest looking bike Falco that l have seen especially those carbon wheels that where so light, petal rear disc's and full ohlin gear. Leigh was busy changing sprockets and disc's due to a problem with the rear BST rim and found the man himself to be a good bloke first up!
Come the 1st medium session of the day and we headed out to start the session, l rode out of pit lane and did the customary weaving to heat the tyres and l usually drift wide and power in to warm up the side whilst in the corners. During this period, l noticed the Mille reving high almost a slip but took no noticed of it but trying to power out of Siberia, the bike justed revved out to the point that after turn 12 (onto the main straight), l was almost freewheeling.
Headed back to the pits and proceeded to bleed the clutch, even though it had new Motul 600 race in it, then managed to do a quarter lap (session finished) to see if it was engaging again and it was.
After waiting for the Fast and Slow group to finish, and a chat with Leigh who had a new rear slick now, headed out for session. I got half way around the circuit and the problem reoccured but this time the smoke came out of the clutch side when l pulled up next to my car...signs of clutch burn out? Further chat with Leigh and the suggestion that my friction plates were probably glazed and roughing could cure that set me off to pull the clutch apart, thanks for the offer of help Leigh!!! Pulled the clutch plates apart and scuffed all the friction plates and reinstalled before lunch, the very last plate had blued, loss of 3 morning sessions.

After lunch, fired the bike up but this time no lever... the f-bomb was repeated with stinging venom this time. So off l went bleeding the clutch as there was so much air in it. I wasted a full bottle of clutch fluid and still air, quick ring to Gary and BikeBarn and he told me that the master cylinder piston may not be returning sifficent to let the fluid back in, leaving the clutch engaged or my slave cylinder seal had kacked itself (replaced 2 mths ago). At this point I decide enough was enough and packed up and said my goodbyes to Leigh and disappointed not to spend some track time with him!!!

I'm sure, not sure but know, that Leigh had a ball out there and will get him to tell his 'happier' side of the story.

As for my problems, l've pulled the whole clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder and cable out and gave them a good blow out. Did a search on the forum and Kane mentioned a blocked Crank case hose, l can remember the service guys reconnecting my crankcase hose back into the airbox but l can't remember if l blocked the inside of inlet to the base of the airbox??? Will look tonight.....posted this problem on the main thread.

Leigh, great meeting you and will have to catch up for a drink when l go up to the Creek hopefully, later this year!!!!

06-02-2004, 12:26 AM
Here is my side, and a couple of pics:

Phillip Island Trackday Report.

Well firstly have to tell you before I even got out of Sydney I dropped the bike in the trailer and broke my indicator, (just couldnít catch the whole bike as she tipped over Ė damn rear wheel wasnít quite in itís channel properly, and as I went to step over to sit on it over she wentÖÖ..bummer). Oh well itís only a blinker. Everything else was fine, not even another scratch!

Trip down to Melbourne on Friday was very uneventful. Took 9.5 hours door to door, and 890kms.

Monday dawns cold, fine, but quite windy. So head of from my digs in Melbourne at around 5.30, and I forget my bike keys, got about 20kms and had to double back and get them. Anyway, second attempt, no probs.

Get to Phillip Island and the circuit at about 7.45am. Get the bike scrutineered, and shack up with someone in a garage. (Bloody hell, you have to pay $95 for them here @ PI)! At Eastern Creek they are free!. Give the guy $25. A brand new R1 rider, and another guy who also had last years R1.

I brought an extra wheel, as I was actually keen to try a slick.

Ohmygewd, rocked up and introduced himself. There were also 2 other RSVs, 2 other Falcos, 3 RS250s and a Tuono Racing. The Tuono racing and a 2000 model black Falco were owned by a husband and wife. So Aprilia was pretty well represented.

Ohmygewd also had major dramas with his clutch. Bad luck m8! It was good to catch up though and yarn for most of the time that we were free. So he got about 2-3 laps in in 2-3 sessions. There is always next time.

Rider briefing, and the sessions are slow medium and fast in that order. I put myself in the medium.

Anyway I was determined to first get the lay of the track, the wind which was gusting to 60kph down the straight, meant gusts could blow you around a bit going towards Honda Siberia, and eventually back up to Lukey Heights.

Everyones tips helped re the track, some bits I could recall, others I couldnít. But the first session had me being passed regularly in the medium group, and a few I passed, so I certainly wasnít the slowest in the group. By the end of the day I think I put a best lap of 1min 58secs, considering my speed down the straight was a bit limited, due to the wobble. And also started passing quite a few more riders too!

After the first session, I was quite surprised how scuffed my rear tyre actually looked. So it was time to hunt down the tyre guy.

Anyways I got a brand new Bridgestone slick in soft/medium compound, in a 190-64, as that was what the tyre guy recommended.

Back out for my first session, and get through the first lap, just scrubbing up the tyre, and again getting used to the turn in points. Third lap down the straight, I hit 200kph, and it starts to get a very noticeable head shake/bars going back and forth, so slow down a bit. Through the corners no sign of it, come down the straight and yet again the headshake. So the better part of valour has me stopping in next time round, to check the bike over. The only thing that had changed was the Bridgestone slick. Check the alignment, check the tyre pressure (29psi), as per what was recommended. Go check with the tyre guy and he says sit further forward as itís lightened up the front of the bike. The suspension guy I see says sit back as itís the front, and both say try lowering the ride height.

I adjusted the ride height down .5Ē, wind the steering dampner on a few notches and out I go again. This time I get to 230kph, and it starts. I just left it at that, for the rest of the sssions. What transpires is the bridgestone, has a vastly different profile, a 60 sidewall, which didnít react too well with the 120/70 Pirelli Diablo Corsa.

Anyways the bike was superb through all the corners, it hung on like baby poo to a blanket, and has worn really well, so the suspension was working a treat for the Island as well. This Ohlins forks and shock, are superb, set up for youself.

The track itself is not as demanding physically as Eastern Creek is. They have the same number of corners (12), and the lap times are within a sec of each other. But itís the nature of the corners, that are different. At the Island 8 corners are long and flatout, basically, with 2 hairpins and 2 mid type corners like most of the ones at EC. EC you have lots of work to do all the time on the bike. At the Island you basically sit and wait for the next one to come, but that is cranked over at 150kph or greater depending on which one you are actually on.

You are traveling quicker into the turn one of PI compared to EC, where I regularly get 210+.

My favourite parts were turns 2&3, Siberia Lukey heights to MG, and turns 10-12 onto the straight.

There were at least 8 crashes, no major injuries, and most were R1ís, and R6ís with 2 GSXR600ís. 80% of them happened in the first 2 sessions of each group.

What a great day, what a great circuit, what a great time. Canít wait to get down there again one day. In the meantime Iíll have to make do with EC every 3 months or so.

A couple of pics. I was having such a blast, that I sort of didnít get around to taking many shots at all. 3 I think.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

06-02-2004, 12:35 AM
Pic 1

06-02-2004, 12:37 AM
And the Tuono Racing

06-02-2004, 02:04 AM
Glad you had a good time Leigh!

(so was that 210kph at T1 EC...?)

Nick :aussie:

06-02-2004, 02:18 AM
Yep 210+ at the Creek. Wasn't clear was it! Sorry. But shit I had a lot of fun!

06-02-2004, 02:34 AM
Originally posted by Exdukenut
Yep 210+ at the Creek. Wasn't clear was it! Sorry. But shit I had a lot of fun!

Imagine with it was a stillish day and 25C.....still pissed off!!!! Must buy a spare bike now:p:

Pro Backmarker
06-02-2004, 02:34 AM
Yeah, the garages are a Rip off! They were free a few years back, but now they even charge for the open bays at the back- no front on 'em, no power!!
Actually, the guys you shared the shed with, were they a new silver R1 with race glass, and another older one with "crumpler" stickers?
If so, the guy on the '04 is a forum member (has an RS250also)..I know he was there, and has that shed often

Pro Backmarker
06-02-2004, 02:38 AM
Originally posted by Ohmygewd
Imagine with it was a stillish day and 25C.....still pissed off!!!! :funnypost That's everyones dream who rides PI. At least it was dry!

06-02-2004, 02:44 AM
Yep the silver one with the race glass was the guy. I saw that crumpler stickered bike, but it wasn't in our shed. Another blue one, and this guy decked it in the second session. All the body work and tank were stuffed. Then 2 other R1 riders joined us as well, at some stage.

It was nice in the shed away from the wind all day. $25 bucks wasn't too bad a thing to pay for the comfort I guess, see I'd come along way to do the day

The guy had a new little lens adaptor for his Sony Handycam, which he taped to the tank of the bike. Steve Broggy even had a ride on it, whilst recording a lap or 3.

Sorry Ohmygewd, I should have offered you my bike for a session. I no it was heartbreaking for you to have come all that way for basically nought. Next time, and yep a beer or 3 is well on the cards. (PS tks for the nice comment in your original post). I was certainly pumped for a great day.

And yep the Island on a 25C day, with no wind would be nigh on perfect. Nirvanna shall we say!

:D :D