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02-15-2014, 02:04 PM
As a possible future Caponord 1200 owner (coming to US next month), I'm concerned about the possible parking lot tip-over expense. I like the look of the Puig engine guards. I'm thinking the outer half of a pannier should be designed to break and absorb the shock leaving the inner pannier half undamaged in a 0 mph tip-over. It's too early for price lists in the US. Does anyone know a rough price for a single outer pannier half?

I never heard of a long enough frame slider to protect panniers. Has anyone else ever thought about that? I image a really long aftermarket rear axle to protect panniers in tip-over.

One of the Caponord 1200 features I like compared to other adventure type road bikes is the low exhaust and equal size panniers tucked in close. But I've never seen a spec on the width of the 2 mounted panniers. Any owners out there able to measure that for me?

02-15-2014, 02:39 PM
My bike has fallen over in a 0mph fall (don't ask how :-( ) but the panniers were not damaged. A small scuff on the lower (black) half which polished out was all that happened. The top half is pretty robust. I have clipped the top with my boot a few times, and once caught a bollard (road marker) turning a tight corner, but no mark, so I wouldn't worry too much. In fact as an example of pannier strengh, I was hit from the rear nearside by a car going about 20-30mph faster than I was. The left pannier took all the force & just sprung back to shape ! the right outer case was destroyed as the bike hit the road, but the inner part of the pannier was OK. But you can't buy the separate halves anyway - at least not in the UK. You can only get the whole pannier. I ended up with a new pair as there was a tiny mark on the left one.
With regard to width they are no wider than the bars, so if you can get through the gap you will be OK :)

02-17-2014, 12:45 PM
Thanks nisbeam. Sorry to hear about your adventure, but good info for me. I got hit from the rear once while standing still. No damage because just the rear tire was hit, but what a shock my back took. I hope you didn't get hurt.
From what you say, maybe just sandpaper and paint will be all that's required after a 0 mph laydown. Seat height, weight, and rider's leg length are probably more of a concern than the panniers being delicate. I may actually buy this bike without even sitting on it I am so impressed with what I've read about it. I have a 32" inseam, so shouldn't be a problem at all. Pretty soon red or white will be my only concern I expect.

02-17-2014, 01:23 PM
When my fell the rightside pannier took 99% of the damage of the bike, in fact you wouldn't know I dropped it when the pannier isn't on.

It has some scuff marks on it but it's only cosmetic.