View Full Version : Urgent Service - Air Pressure Sensor

02-11-2014, 10:57 PM
It started all when I had a few weeks ago the first time the Problem that urgent service appears. I checked on the Aprilia Page and found out my bike was due for recall to exchange the Demand Sensor. This was done around one and a half week ago. After a couple of days the same problem came again "urgent service". Went again to the dealer and the system told its the Air Pressure Sensor. So they changed the Sensor but the Problem was still not solved so they checked the bike with another ECU unit. Urgent service still appear after the Bike runs for a few minutes. Finally they found the error and it seems that the Air Intake was damaged and caused this Problem. The Mechanic told me that it seems that this must happened during assembling the bike in Italy. The bike is a 2011 but only 2 months on the road with 7000 km