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01-10-2014, 05:14 PM
Hello all,

hope you are doing ok. I just want to tell about a big issue I have with Piaggio and my MP3 250cc 2009.

Below is the email to customer care:

Good afternoon,
My name is #######, I am the owner of an MP3 Piaggio 250cc 2009 bought at Miami Vespa store in June 2012.
Recently I got an issue with my engines which shutdown on the highway while I was coming back from work.
After towing, I brought my scooter to Vespa Miami Store. Technicians told me that my scooter ran out of oil.
I was definitely surprise since I have done my scheduled maintenance in the same store: Vespa Miami.
My scooter is right now 12300 miles and my next maintenance for oil replacement is at 12400 miles as mentionned on my scheduled maintenance book provided at time I bought the bike.
According to the book, oil replacement is: 621 miles 6200 miles and 12400 miles.
Therefore I am within the scheduled maintenance program.
As you may have notice, as up today my scooter is not under warranty anymore, and suddently engine of my bike is damaged.
According to technician my bike should have been service more often, but then I followed the Piaggio Scheduled Maintenance program.
Now this is the situation: I have a 2000$ bill to pay because I followed perfectly the Piaggio Scheduled Maintenance and unfortunately I am out of warranty.
I need to know what are you going to do since issue is not ME but the Piaggio Scheduled Maintenance programm.

i am experiencing really difficult hard time with Piaggio customer care. Since failure is link to their maintenance program, It is very difficult to swallow this bill!!!!!

let me know what you think about that. this is incredible!!!!!


01-13-2014, 02:54 PM
by the manual it says check engine oil level every 1000km / 600 miles
the maintenance table they put in the manual is a service interval table and it means you should check oil levels regardless of the maintenance interval
maintenance interval does not mean that you shouldnt do checks its just the milage on what you have to go for service (changing the filters and plugs and whatnot)

2000 bucks is not a suprize for me
i repaired a nexus 500 after the owner halfway seized the engine because he put mower oil in it
the bill was 2400 dollars just for the parts

01-13-2014, 03:05 PM
Thanks for your comment,

In the book provided by Piaggio, it says 621 miles 3100 miles , 6200 miles and 12400 miles.

I have the book in front of me....

Pay attention to detail when you buy a Piaggio....


old as dirt
01-27-2014, 10:58 AM
on page 30 of the owners manual it states to check the oil prior to use.
also on page 50 as well

Micah / AF1 Racing
01-27-2014, 08:54 PM
Did it actually run out of oil? I have never seen this happen on an MP3 250/400/500? You would have seen a red light illuminate on dash before failure indicating low oil pressure. I have run my personal Vespa 300 ( same basic motor ) low after hours on the dyno dialing in my setup, the first time I saw the oil light flicker a few days later I checked oil, found it to be low, added some and all was well.

02-02-2014, 04:06 AM
no dont assume that the red light will be on because if the engine is run for long time with low oil the pressure sensor will crust up with old oil and will not work as it is suposed to work
so dont take the bulb for serious, its better to do a regular dipstick check

and the engine will run out of oil if they put car oil and not motorcycle oil in because car oil is made to sustain lower heat and lower rpms then the motorcycle oil
car engines rev up to 7000 (usualy they dont rev on avarage use up to 4500) and motorcycle engines produce more heat and rev up to 16000 revs so the oil is completely different.
i saw bikes run out of oil when the car oil was used insted of the motorcycle oil. The engines were 100% ok, just the oil would vapurize and the engine will run dry