View Full Version : Squeaky and creaky clutch after washing

10-20-2013, 03:56 PM

I have a strange problem with my clutch that occurs almost every time after washing my bike (never after coming home from a ride, at least in dry weather - hadn't had a really wet ride in last two years) with water (not under high pressure). After washing my bike I start it up and let it reach 97C at least 2 times, so that the engine and the surroundings drys itself. I then wait for the fans to stop blowing before turning the bike off. After that, when I want to squeeze the clutch (with the bike turned off), there's a loud creaking and squeaking sound (can't really tell if it's coming from the clutch pump or from the command cylinder, it sounds and feels like there is a severe lack of lubrication somewhere) and quite a lot of resistance can be felt on the lever. Once I squeeze the lever three or four times the creaking sound goes away (the squeezing gets easier and easier) and the squeaky sounds remains for some 10 or so squeezes. All this started happening after I lowsided and had to replace the clutch lever, but I made sure that the lever has enough free room and is well lubricated, so the lever itself shouldn't be the problem and the timing could also be a coincidence.

Has anyone got any idea about whats going on and where to look for the problem? Thanks for answers.

10-20-2013, 06:24 PM
I'd say it is most likely in the lever. Time to thoroughly lube it up.