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10-04-2013, 03:02 AM
recently bought a doro, when fitting leo cans and radiator protector i also mounted a hid kit.
this one : http://www.ebay.com/itm/HID-Xenon-AC-Digital-55W-Slim-H4-High-Low-Dual-Beam-Motorcycle-Conversion-Kit-/111179089493?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19e2ca4655
when i started the bike i got a blinking wrench icon some seconds and no light, is the blinking wrench a dtc code ?
do i need some other kind of ballast?

EDIT: still have blinking wrench, is this the service reminder or dtc code ? the bike has only 750 km
When is first service ? and what do you need to do?

My dealer just got bankrupted so i need to do the service myself.

Mounted also R&B tail tidy and radiators protectors and the quality of the R&B products is depressing. Bad paint coating, not good design.


10-04-2013, 03:58 AM
I have installed hid on my DD12 i used a ballast that said it was suitable for canbus systems as i think the computer looks for a certain resistance so it knows you have a working light.

10-06-2013, 04:49 PM
keithdavisau was it an easy install?? would be good to install hid, not just plug and play obviously

10-06-2013, 05:12 PM
It is plug and play if you buy a motorbike specific unit but the hardest part is hiding the ballast and leads to make it neat. I modified the clear screen (slight bit of trimming behind the headlight) so that the ballast and leads fitted between the clear screen and black screen. The light is awesome, looks good and works great.

10-07-2013, 06:05 PM
Can gladly inform that the problems was the ground cable.
Original cable was only 5cm with a ring terminal shoe and i lenghted it to the battery terminals and i used a delphi weahter connector and this connector actually cut the cable were the shoe was pressed on.
This hid kit is very vell made. I opened up the ballast to inspect waterproof and whole inside is covered in some form of epoxy. I have bought a lot of hid kit over the years and i must say this is the best quality i've seen so far. Next time i will order hid kit again i will choose this brand.

Some pictures from installation process.
At battery:

Cable routing
Location of ballast:
Cable and relay:

10-07-2013, 06:12 PM
As keith said, location is a problem, storage space is at very minimum on this bike, you will need a slim ballast. i mounted it behind the right fairing and coolant expansion tank and it have a slight contact on the fairing so i covered the ballast in foam in case of rubbing.

Another problem is routing the cable next to the steering coloum there is almost no space wheen you turn the front wheel all the way left or right.

as soon the moderator will approve my next post you will see my installation pictures.

10-07-2013, 07:52 PM
thanks for the pics Vatnehol :cheers: