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08-10-2013, 04:13 PM
After the 1st service I thought I'd check the coolant level. Once I'd actually found where the "sight glass" was and had contorted myself into a position where I could actually see where to check the level, then went back for a torch, I still couldn't see the level in the "sight glass"! In fact I couldn't tell whether it was full or empty. I've not had this problem before on the Jap bikes I've had. (Q. So how did the dealer check it as part of the first service?) After some pondering on the problem, of course! unscrew the cap and shine the torch into the tank and the coolant can now be seen in the sight glass. Shock, horror - the tank is nearly empty! (A. The dealer didn't check it).

Next problem, what to top it up with? Probably not the green stuff from Halfords as the coolant is pink. Owners manual says "AGIP PERMANENT SPECIAL". A quick Google search reveals that the only place in the UK that sells it is Motoworld (http://www.motoworlduk.co.uk/acatalog/Products_Permanent_Spezial_132.html)*, which luckily is only 5 miles from me, but on calling them they don't stock it even though it's listed on their website, and they don't know when they will have any in.

Fortunately the AGIP PERMANENT SPECIAL coolant must be used in Ducatis, there was a recall on it as the original coolant reacts with the magnesium alloy cylinder head, which means that Ducati dealers have a stock of it.

A visit to to the local Ducati dealer and top up complete (after some aggravation)!

* Motorworld also list Agip i-Ride PG 15w-50 (http://www.motoworlduk.co.uk/acatalog/Products_i_Ride_PG_15w_50_101.html) on their website, which is the recommended oil for the Caponord.

05-16-2014, 11:51 PM
Thought I would let you know your post was very helpful - so thanks. I got my new Caponord just yesterday and was concerned about the level of coolant because, like you, I could not see any pink colour in the sight glass. I took your advice, took off the filler cap and shone down a torch. Voilą! - the whole plastic "sight glass" is pink! So I presume the coolant level is okay.

05-17-2014, 02:01 AM
Once I established the level I made some dipsticks from some stiff paper, it will make it easier next time.

05-17-2014, 06:46 AM
Once I established the level I made some dipsticks from some stiff paper, it will make it easier next time.

I find the flash light in the filler hole works great - truth is once set should not be an issue unless something is very wrong - if engine starts running hot check but other wise make sure it is correct and do not worry till it is time to change coolant.