View Full Version : Was this you at Rockerbox 2013?

08-04-2013, 08:31 AM
The cleanest Tuono I've ever seen. Quite possibly one of the cleanest bikes i've ever seen. period. Absolutely spotless.

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http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_1_small.jpg (http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_1_big.jpg)

http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_2_small.jpg (http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_2_big.jpg)

http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_3_small.jpg (http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_3_big.jpg)

http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_4_small.jpg (http://kerfuffle.org/joesgarage/rockerbox2013/tuono_factory_4_big.jpg)

And I thought I kept my bikes clean.


any chance it's for sale? :D

08-04-2013, 01:12 PM
you don't expect anyone to claim ownership of that do you?
not with those 2" chicken strips anyway :lol:

not as clean as mine either :D


08-04-2013, 03:25 PM
With the state of many Wisconsin roads, I'd be hesitant to lean it over that much too. Can't tell you how many times I've been caught out by gravel and sand. Seriously, I think the state past-time of WI drivers is to dip their inside rear wheel onto the gravel shoulder and drag garbage onto the road (especially in the apex of a blind corner) to make life miserable for motorcyclists.

No, but seriously... I just sold my Speed Four so there's room in the garage for a new resident. If this belongs to anyone here and you'd entertain selling it, PM me your asking price.