View Full Version : DD 1200 rear subframe swap.

07-25-2013, 11:01 AM
I posted this in the DD 750 section as well and I'am reposting it here hoping someone can give me some measurements. Thank You. I noticed on the DD 1200 the rear subframe for the saddle is made of aluminum while the DD 750's is made of steel. Does anyone know what the weight savings of the aluminum one is? Would this be a direct bolt on to the DD 750? The DD1200 looks a little longer but I don't have access to one that I can measure. Has anyone done this or have access to a DD 1200 that they can measure the rear? If it is a direct bolt on I can't imagine why Aprilia wouldn't have already incorporated this upgrade to the 750. Depending on weight savings and price it may be a worthwhile mod.