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Hello, I know this isn't quite the right place but I've got a 2003 rx50 [same engine as the rs50], it's been sat in my shed for five years, I've got it running again, headlight works, sidelight works, but rear light and brake light sort of do and don't. I put a new front brake light switch on, connected two wires to it, these wires then run down past the headlight down onto the frame by the coolant and oil tank, where they connect to two new wires.
These two new wires come from the loom running up against the frame. There are two other wires nearby but I don't know what they are for.

The wiring goes back to the battery [ I've put a new one in] and then back to the rear light. I've got a universal tail light with different coloured wires than the three wires which come out for the light at the back of the loom. I can get the light to light up brightly by touching one wire, or dimly touching another wire [like brake light and normal light] but if I keep these wires in place and pull the front brake, the light goes dimmer rather than brighter?

I have tried changing the wires around on the brake light switch, tried changing them around on the two wires under the tank near the coolant, still have the same problem.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong at the rear light wiring, so I'm attaching some pictures, see the three wires at the back, the yellow, yellow and green, and blue, these must connect to the led wires, the yellow, red, and black, but in what order I don't know. Anyone have ideas??

cannot get the picture uploader to work.

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Use Photobucket.com to upload pictures to, than copy and paste the IMG link directly here in the tekst window where you type and we get to see the picture :)

Here you can find all the user manuals, in the back of the user manual or almost in the back should be the wiring diagram.

The light you bought has 3 wires wich would be 1 ground, 1 for the tail light, and 1 for the brakelight, dont mix the brake/tailight wire up!