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01-08-2013, 04:17 PM
i have recently bought a rs50 an its a 2001 model an has got arrow exhaust system race crank an carb has been upjetted is there anything i could do to get a bit more power out of it without putting a bore kit on it have thought about changing sprockets but dont want to loose the acceloration just for a little bit of top end it has had an engine rebuild and is still wearing in does about 50mph at the moment is a bit useless untill u get it up to bout 6k + revs but apparently thats normal when you fit the arrow exhaust ? can definately feel the power band tho.

would appreciate any tips or suggestions to improving the bike in any way :)

also what would you say is the best gearbox oil for it but dont want a really thin race oil im gonna have to change all the time just a good medium oil

01-08-2013, 04:56 PM
what top end have you got on it (cylinder/piston ect)?

two strokes dont have much power low down, espically a 50cc bike. the Arrow exhaust will raise the powerband slightly as with any race pipe but it will make it much more aggressive than the stock pipe when jetted correctly.

with the 99 - 05 models RS50 (and 98 model which still uses the minnerelli am6 engine) there is loads of aftermarket parts and the list is truly endless!

check out these links for parts and see what sort of set up you want to put together

adrenalin pedstop has alot to offer: http://www.adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk/cp-RS_50__Minarelli_AM6-4318.aspx

EasyParts have some interesting stuff that you cant seem to find as easily on other sites :http://www.easyparts.nl/

PJME: have a nice selection of parts too: http://www.pjme.co.uk/acatalog/Aprilia-RS50-1993-2005.html

it depends what you want from the bike and how far you want to go with it and where you use it.

you can keep it 50cc but get some real interesting parts to make the bike exciting

example 50cc set up:

decent top end like the Polini evo 50cc kit (ryanperkins claimed some real performance out of this kit before moving onto the top performance rose/pink 80cc kit)

its not absolutly neccasary but a race crankshaft can help things like the doppler ER1 crank which can safely handle up to 18000rpm

a decent high revving exhaust like Giannelli / Arrow / leo vince v6 / Jolly Moto (although Jolly Moto are 'more' suited to 70cc - 80cc set ups)

0.30mm - 0.35mm reed petals

bigger carb like the Polini 19.5mm carb

stick with the stock airbox and fit a performance filter SHEET

then decide on your gearing, its going to have to be higher otherwise it will over revv in top gear. so for example 13 :47

or if you want to go down the 70cc/80cc (big bore kit) route then il give you a example set up

decent kit like the top performance pink 75cc or Athena 80cc kit with a powervalve

race crankshaft like the doppler ER1 crank (or at the very least upraded crank bearings)

matching exhaust like the Jolly Moto

0.40mm reed petals

bigger carb like the dellorto 21mm

stick with the stock airbox but fit a Performance air filter.. if you end up requireing more air which is unlikely but you can find a thread on here on how to modify the box

heavy duty clutch kit or at least upgrade clutch springs and plates to nail down the power before it slips like hell

top performance yellow or Red cdi unit

sprockets 14:47 or 15:47

basically you get my point of there is lots available, but not everything is neccasary.

have a look around and decide what you want from the bike, your budget and where you are going to use it most

oh and if i remember right then best gearbox oil is 10w40

with a pretty light 50cc set up 50mph is about right, you can easily get 60mph+ with gearing

oh it may interest you to know there is a 110cc parma kit available (requires a little modification to the crankcases to get it to fit) but YUMM!

hope that gets you off to a good start with ideas..

remember to use good two stroke oil.. it makes a big difference!!