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11-09-2012, 07:47 AM
Here's a little info on a new 600.


11-09-2012, 11:42 AM

Looks like a baby Street Triple

11-09-2012, 11:47 AM
I thought it looked more like a Shiver from a chassis and suspension perspective.

11-09-2012, 05:25 PM
A four cylinder Shiver??

11-09-2012, 05:30 PM
Nice! Benerri six hunduruuuu

11-14-2012, 07:07 PM
It looks nice except for the headlight, but is built in China and the engine is more or less a knockoff of the first-gen R6. In person I would expect it to look cheap with many bits being flimsy or ugly. Not unlike Hyosung. It is like they get most of the bike right, but you can really tell the difference between new Asian manufacturers and established Japanese ones. The finish on Euro bikes for the most part is then a step up from that.

It is too bad Benelli appears dead in the US, and the triples are also on their way out to be replaced by brand-engineered Chinese stuff. When they were bought out I had hopes that the triples could be redone and built a bit cheaper (perhaps major sub-assemblies built in China and finished bikes assembled in Italy). Price an updated Tornado 1200 around $11k and I think such a unique bike would sell in the US. But it was too rare and the dealer network too sparse.

07-08-2013, 04:30 AM
my friend's bike... fitted with akra cans for aprilia shiver. :lol:


07-11-2013, 08:03 AM
Is Hyosung selling seats to Benerri? http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/motorcycles/2012models/2012-Hyosung-GT650Rc.jpg