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08-29-2012, 11:53 AM
So as some of you that have been members for a few years would probally know i had a Rs50 for my first bike at 16, it was then stolen and i recovered it only to find the engine was badly damaged and was only useful for spares, i then decided to buy a new engine and then come across a RX50 frame that needed a engine and came to the conclusion that the rx50 would be the better choice in the long run due to maintenance and lack of fairing etc.

Well i was right and the RX50 was a awesome bike and ran beautifully and i sold it for 700 and the guy that has it today says its still running like a dream. (what can i say im just a pro aye :D)
However the rs50 was not long after stripped down soon as the rx50 was on road and i simply put it away in boxes, since ive now pretty much finished my GSXR400 and the RS125 only needs Brake pags and a couple minor jobs done before its sold i thought i would bring the rs50 back to life.

Ive been looking at a couple other threads of Rs50 streetfighters and they look awesome and are pretty easy to work on due to the lack of fairing, so my idea is to build this bike back up and keep it as minimal as possible while keeping it road legal and upgrading the power from the engine while keeping reliability however this isnt much of a issue since ill only be using it for them random days when you cant be bothered to take out the big bike as your only riding over the road to get a few items from the shop for instance.

Another reason for this project as a whole is when i had my Rs50 i always saw these awesome videos of people stunting them and thought wow i would really like to give that a try but at the time with it being my only bike it wasnt really possible and i really didnt have the skill.

So this project will involve me doing Fibreglass work, Engine work, Possible Fabrication and general mechanics

I Will get a picture of the current state of the bike soon but as it stands currently its basicly a bare frame once the HeadStock bearings arrive i will fit them stick the wheels on and get it outside so i can make a final idea plan of what i want to do.

I also need to source a spares or repair engine.

I hope you guys enjoy this project as it progresses and that i keep you entertained :D

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09-28-2012, 02:05 PM
Sounds awesome !

10-15-2012, 12:42 AM
No updates as of yet, all my time has been spent on the gsxr sorting pilot seals, misfire, coil packs, and what ever else it decides to throw at me, ill get around to it soon trust me its just time and a place to get the work done, but i should have some room to work in soon.