View Full Version : Fuel Mileage Concerns

07-08-2002, 09:50 PM
I am close to a purchase decision on the Caponord. Can someone tell me what to expect in the way of gas mileage? I have read one ride test that hinted that the bike is pretty thirsty, but they gave no fuel mileage stats.



07-08-2002, 11:38 PM
I get about 40 to 45 miles to a gallon

The yellow low fuel light comes on at about 160 miles!!!

sooo, I'd pull over and fuel up and could only add 4 gallons

I've gone 225 miles and I had about a half gallon left in the tank

fairly aggressive riding too

I think the max to push it would be 230 miles
depending on where you think the next gas station is of course


07-15-2002, 10:01 AM
Thanks, George. I've gassed once on my new Capo - 38+
Looks like my experience will be similar to yours. Love the bike!