View Full Version : New Side Bags Installed - :)

07-21-2002, 07:11 PM
I received my new bags, and installed them myself today. The installation is pretty straight forward - brackets are bolt on, no drilling required, and no removal of components except for rear seat pegs, which reinstall over the side brackets. One caution, read the instructions. The two bolts under the rear luggage rack transfer to the reinforcing brace that joins the two brackets under the rear fender. The two bolts that mount the bracket to these two holes are provided in the kit. The bike is definitely wider now... :)

I took the bike on a nice test run following installation. there is an 80mph restriction posted on the bags, but I noticed no stability problems above that. I did crank in another five clicks of rear preload, though. You are pushing more air, and I noticed that I was holding a little more throttle at 5000 rpm cruise. My opinion...it is a very sweet setup...and one more reason to love the bike! :)

Silver 2002
Pensacola, FL