View Full Version : 1999 aprilia rs 50

05-19-2012, 08:25 PM
can rusty brake rooters be turned like on car or need new ones how much in usa for the front and rear usa post pictures tomorro my new project been siiting few years 1800 miles getting new battery see if starts tommoro any tips would be helpfull said it ran when put in storage few years ago

luke carter
05-20-2012, 06:56 AM
Anybody know where i can get the red and black racing stickers for my 99 rs 50

05-20-2012, 08:07 AM
This is the Project Section!, not the Offtopic or Tech Section, and dont hijack others threads with totaly unrelated questions.


Ask questions in the right sections for it.

10-14-2012, 12:12 AM
buy new ones