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12-05-2002, 12:11 PM
Wondering if anyone could give some input on how their Caponord handles, loaded and unloaded, as far as straight line highway use at 70-90mph with stock tires and suspension.

what are your tire pressures, suspension settings, etc.

Any help, insight, or comments would be greatly appreciated!

12-05-2002, 03:31 PM
No complaints from me. I find the stock suspension and Metzeler Tourance tires to work very well on this bike. Over the winter I plan to renew the fork oil, but other than that no changes. The stock shock seems in excellent condition after 7500 miles.

I ride lots of backroad stuff but also took a few trips this year where long, fast stretches on the Interstate were a necessity. The Capo was fine cruising at 80-85 mph, sidebags loaded and a small duffle strapped to the seat behind me.

The forks are the original oil and non-adjustable, so not much to talk about there. The shock is set somewhere in the "middle to firm" range. However, on one trip that all backroads (but with loaded sidebags, sleeping bag and tent) I cranked the shock almost all the way up after scraping my left bag in a turn. :-)

As for tires, if I know am doing mostly highway I will run 36 front and 42 rear; for normal around town and backroads I will usually have 34F/38R.

I'm sure others will share their own experiences. Good luck.

Marty - 02 Silver Capo

12-05-2002, 09:41 PM
I spent three days in the mountians of Eastern NC in October with 500 mile days at each end. The bike took it all in stride. It is rock solid on the super slab, cruising 75-80 mph. I used about the same tire pressures as Marty. Your owner's manual gives you a baseline to start with on the rear shock. I put a couple more clicks of rebound damping than Aprilia recommended, but the preload setting seems about right for me (200 #). I add a couple of clicks for the bags if they are empty. Fully loaded, bags, tank bag and tail bag, I added six clicks more. Remember to take them back off when you unload. I have not been two-up on the bike yet. The frame is very stout, which made sweepers a real hoot - not a trace of flex or weave. It sticks very well in the tight stuff, also, with a lot of cornering clearance - unless you have your preload too low. However, the bike is quite tall - so full lean transitions (e.g. from full left to full right) take a little bit of a heave...thank God for wide bars... :)

Silver Capo 02
Pensacola, FL