View Full Version : Front Brake Pads

02-15-2003, 09:49 PM
It was a beautiful day for riding in Pensacola - 80 degrees and sunny, though a little gusty. I took the bike in for serviceing in the morning, with 5000 miles on the clock. It was for an oil/filter change only, but asked them to check the brakes. Front pads were getting thin, so had them replaced. On examining the pads, I thought there was maybe another 1000 miles or so left on them, but I don't like running them that thin. So, how have others fared on pad life? I am fairly aggressive in my riding, so don't feel that the pad life I got on the first set was out of line. I was pleased to see that the pads had worn evenly - the assymmetric pots seem to be doing their job. Put in a little over 150 miles after the install, so have them just about bedded in... :)

Silver Capo 02
Pensacola, FL