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Bruce Yates
02-23-2003, 08:11 AM
Hi all! I'm new to this forum, although I've been posting to the Yahoo Capo forum for a few weeks, and reading both that and this one with great interest. A quick intro, then a question about the Hepco & Becker crash bars.

I just bought a new psycho red (don't know the real name for the color!) 2002 Capo a few days ago, after trying to decide for some time between it and an F650GS Dakar or 1150GS. For the smoothness of the ride (engine, transmission, etc.), power, and price/value, as well as my personal needs (I'm 6'5" and anticipate 2/3 of my riding to be on paved roads), the Capo won hands down.

I already own a BMW K1200LT (their big touring bike), and -- after several decades away from off-road riding (lots of time hill-climbing in my younger days) -- I am very excited to have the Capo for its capabilities to also allow me more varied (on and some off-road) riding!

Thus far, I have ordered the following accessories:
- Throttlemeister (heavy)
- Hot Grips
- Aprilia Side Cases
- Aprilia tankbag
- Centerstand
- Givi tall windscreen
- Hyperlites (which I use on my K1200LT and really like for rear conspicuity)
- Autocom (also not mentioned here, but which I also have on my LT, plus headsets in all my helmets, for communication between rider and passenger, as well as with riding partners on other bikes via FRS radio)

The other mods I plan are some auxiliary lighting (either Motolights or PIAAs) and a taller custom seat (probably by Rich's here in Seattle www.richscustomseats.com/). (http://www.richscustomseats.com/).) I also might add a Laminar Lip for long highway trips, if I can get one tthat'll fit the tall Givi screen.

Now, my question about the H&B crash bars. Based on the photo I keep seeing of these bars (see below), they do NOT appear to cover or protect the Aprilia side cases. Is there a version of them that does provide some side case shielding, and can you even use the side cases at all if you have the H&B bars installed?
[img noborder]www.eurotechmotorsports.c...g=Yes[/img (http://www.eurotechmotorsports.com/forms/Linecard.cfm?do=detail&q_part=502.703%2000%2001&q_startrow=51&Big=Yes[/img)]

Thanks in advance for your help.

BTW, is everyone on this forum on the Yahoo forum as well (if so, I apologize for the parts above that you may have read over there)? That forum seems a bit more active, and FWIW, has recently been having a lively discussion of Caponord accessories and add-ons.

02-23-2003, 09:47 AM
I haven't seen any bars that protect the Aprilia saddlebags. I know touratech has some metal panniers for the Capo. I just added the link over at www.caporider.com (http://www.caporider.com)

02-23-2003, 11:48 AM
I think that most who post hear also post on the Yahoo forum. I wish they would move over here as I hate Yahoo. The site is slow and they post advertisements all over the place.

Hepco & Becker actually make the Aprilia side case mounts. The rear protection bars in the photo you posted could not be used with the Aprilia cases. I suspect they were designed to be used with their metal cases. Haven't seen anything that protects the Aprilia side cases. I consider the side cases protection for the bike itself

Bruce Yates
02-23-2003, 11:29 PM
Ron wrote: Good point, Ron! I guess the cost of replacing a bag pales in comparison to messing up other parts of the bike!