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02-23-2003, 08:00 PM
I'm currently riding a '96 R1100GS and am fairly well satisfied with it except for the drivetrain (somewhat buzzy unrewarding engine, and clunky transmission). The GS has an Aeroflow fairing so it functions surprisingly well as a touring bike. I use the bike for 90% road stuff and then the occasional gravel back road for the 10%.

What can you owners say about considering a swap-over to a Capo? I recently rode a V-Strom and was ready to buy one one the spot except for the lack of touring windshield. I feel that for me I need a touring windshield like the Aeroflow. It looks like the Capo might have a larger windshield compared to the V-Strom and for me would probably be a better choice of the two.

Need help in considering whether or not to make a switch.

1996 R11GS

Bruce Yates
02-24-2003, 12:06 AM

I just faced a similar decision -- I was comparing the 1150GS to the Capo. I'm 6'5" and normally ride a BMW K1200LT (with an Aeroflow no less), so I can relate to your desire for wind protection. Also, my anticipated on-road to off-road use is similar to yours. I don't know if you've test-ridden a Capo, but you really need to before making a decision. Aside from the power difference (the Capo is definitely quicker), the main things that made me decide to go with the Capo were value for the dollar and the smoothness of the ride (combination of engine and transmission). The 1150GS was much "jerkier" by comparison. I love my LT, and I'd like to have had the GS' ABS for road riding, but I concluded that it's not worth the huge difference in price.

The main complaint the reviewers seem to have with the Capo is it's seat, and you can afford to have a custom seat (which I'm doing) -- plus every other accessory you could think of -- and still be WAY under the price of a new GS. IOW, you can tweak the Capo to make it "fit" you better. As a friend of mine said, "You can't change the basic ride and character of the bike and its engine, so make sure you love that, and you can fix anything else you don't love."

As for wind protection, the stock Capo screen isn't bad, but it's nothing like the protection you've had with your Aeroflow. Consequently, I've ordered a Givi tall screen, which is apparently several inches taller and gives better protection. I would also consider (either instead of or in conjunction with the Givi screen) the Laminar Lip. It's a bit ugly, but looks very functional (especially to those of us who've experienced the laminar flow of the Aeroflow screens!).

Hope that helps -- just be sure to ride a Capo, and I'll bet you end up with one like I did!:D