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12-31-2002, 08:38 AM
Hello fellow Capos, here's how NOT to end your 2002:

Had a very good Big Trailie ride underway on Sunday with a few friends. Nice and sunny day, zipping between snow-covered farms, wheels just a little light across the glazing of snow on some of the side roads, kicking the back end out a bit on the thawing mud tracks here and there. Things were going great right up until the moment I fell off. :(

Not exactly sure how I did it, but coming down a curvy and steep single lane paved road, I leaned a bit to the left and in a blink I was face down on the ground. I could hear this really nasty grindy/crunchy sound coming from my right. Of course, it was the Caponord sliding to a stop next to me.

Other than a sore left knee and jammed right thumb I'm okay. All the protective gear did its job. Even broke in my new Prexport boots! My buddies helped me right the bike, and brush off the mud and snow. It looked bad initially, but after washing it at home it's not that bad. I think I can fix a ot of the small stuff with epoxy and some touch-up paint. One or two parts will need to be replaced:

Left mirror gone, left side of upper fairing has a small crack under the turn signal lens, lens itself is scraped, left side of the dash panel has small crack, left lower fairing (where it says "Caponord") is basically shredded, so that will have to be replaced, handlebar appears to be tweaked a tiny bit on the left side, so that will be replaced, left passenger foot peg ground up a bit, left luggage rail has some scrapes. (The passenger peg and luggage rail saved the tail from touching the ground!)

The ride was pretty much over after that, and I was able to ride home with no physical problem other than the missing left mirror. Bike rode fine.

Looking at the road where I fell it was evident that I had ridden over a nice gritty patch just as I started to turn. I didn't see it while riding, of course! It was a downhill turn, so I was probably trailing a little rear brake, but who knows, maybe I touched the front too. I tend to ride with two fingers covering both levers, and I was wearing heavy winter gloves, so maybe they fooled me a bit.

However, as I've thought about it, I'm pretty sure that I must have started my turn while right on top of the gritty patch and the front tire just lost grip. No warning, no light steering or loose back end. Just look, lean and KA-BLAM! It basically happened so fast I didn't even have time to say "Oh crap!" before I was down on the ground.

Well, the Beemer is undergoing winter rehab and spread all over the garage, and now the Capo needs some loving attention, so that was definitely my last ride for 2002!

Happy New Year!

MartyT - 02 Silver Capo (slightly bruised)

micah apriliaforum com
01-02-2003, 01:04 PM
Sorry to hear of your troubles...that is just a part of being off road or on raod for that matter, sometimes you fall.

02-28-2003, 11:03 AM
Well, glad to hear you are ok. bummer about the bike though.

Let me ask, would a frame slider have protected your plastics?