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11-30-2011, 12:02 AM
I recently ordered some slip-ons for my '08 Tuono. I tried the 450mm stainless oval Delkevics first, but was unhappy with fit and finish. I ended up sending them back, less than pleased with the overall experience but as I vented about that in a previous post, I'll let it go.

As I still wanted pipes, I ordered a set of the Aluminum, oval Leo Vince EVO II pipes next (just a couple hundred more than the Delkevics). I had one of these on my last bike (SV-650S) and I knew they were quality stuff. They went right on with no issues fitting them at all. The link pipes are side specific, as are the spacers, but if you pay attention to the diagrams they go right together. The instruction book was a little misleading regarding the actual silencers. It makes it appear that they are also side specific, but they are not (confirmed with Leo Vince).

I ended up using a couple of extra washers on each side to space them out a bit more. The left side pipe sits close to the swing-arm (swing-arm is wider on the left to accommodate the chain) and I wanted a bit more clearance. With the extra washers, the pipe clears the swing-arm by about 0.5 inches. The only nit I had at all was the left link pipe has a few scratches in it. They are deeper than something that would buff out, but they are no big deal so I am not even going to see about getting a replacement.

I did end up contacting Leo Vince USA twice. Once when I was waiting on the pipes to arrive to ask a few installation questions, and once to ask about the silencer part numbers. They were very responsive and answered every question I had. I was very pleased with their customer service, which is a big deal for me when considering a purchase!

The sound is incredible, very throaty and loud enough to get your attention. I don't think it is obnoxious, but I will likely wear ear plugs from now on when I ride (always intended to do that anyway). Note that I did remove the optional inserts. The pipes are also a lot lighter than stock (6.9kg vs 12kg according to the info in the instruction book).

The bike runs fantastically with these pipes and the ECU set to Map 2. I had noticed some EFI related surging in the stock configuration (stock cans with Map 1) and that is all gone. The gas mileage took quite a hit. The best I had ever gotten in stock trim was ~39mpg; I got ~33mpg on the first tank I ran with the new pipes/mapping. A small price to pay for a smooth ride, less weight, and turning my Tuono into one of the best sounding bikes I have ever owned.

11-30-2011, 12:26 PM
+1 to Italian made cans...
Arrow and LeoVince are the best, after Akra of course...
For fuel map2 is a little more "gasoline" angry, but it also make the bike very smoother...

Brett Rahn
12-28-2011, 09:01 PM
Guys I am buying a 2007 Tuono r and will be doing the Leo carbon tip exhaust, who or do I need to get map 2, pipe advertisment says that works with stock map, let me knwo Brett