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07-15-2003, 11:10 AM
This is a cross post from the Yahoo forum, just in case y'all don't go there.

Dennis Kessler, forum member, is in final preparations for the 2003 Iron Butt Rally. He'll be riding his 2002 Caponord in the 11 day, 11,000+ mile rally, which starts August 11 in Missoula, Montana. Obviously, an effort like this is grueling, and I wanted to support Dennis and the Caponord. When I wrote to ask how I could help, Dennis responded that he's having difficulty posting to the forum from his new laptop, and he asked me to post a request for him. Basically, Dennis does this as a solo effort, but he was hoping to find some folks that would be willing to be available for an emergency call during the rally. As Dennis puts it, he's "looking for anyone who might be available to call if I'm in their area and need assistance. It might be as simple as calling them to find out where a dealer is for tires - stuff like that especially if I'm no where near a checkpoint when I might NEED something."

In my understanding, the rally works like this. The riders start August 11th in Missoula, Montana, and proceed counterclockwise around the United States. From Missoula, riders proceed to the checkpoint in Primm, Nevada, the next is Lake City, Florida, then Gorham, Maine, then back to Missoula. Although the rider being at the checkpoints on time is critical, the riders can earn bonus points through the rally by getting a photo of themselves somewhere on the continent. Most years, there is a bonus in Hyder, Alaska--from this you can clearly see that while assistance near a checkpoint is very helpful, there is no location on the North American continent that can be ruled out as being helpful.

If you would be willing to be available for a phone call between August 11 and August 22 or so, would you please contact Dennis via his email, briodk AT earthlink DOT net

Good luck, Dennis!