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11-17-2011, 11:52 PM
Hi all, another typical 1st time poster looking at Tuono and for your opinions. I've been all over the map on getting out of a dual sport(sold it) and back on the orad after, you guessed it, 25 years out of the saddle. And I was quite into it as a youngster, MX, enduro street terrorising and even a AMI certificate.

So I've been winging over a Tiger but then I see this new 09 T/R and I have to ask, how is it for over the flat FL roads for distance riding(not the main thing for me but these long redneck stretches are unavoidable around here)? Sounds like a Shiver may be more the do it all bike for me but the T sure is sexy, but I'm preaching to the choir again.

Any thoughts? Go back offroad and leave you all alone? :whiner:

11-18-2011, 08:22 AM
after about 60 bikes and nearly 50 years of riding, i can say that without a doubt the tuono takes the #1 spot for "grin factor".......i havent had it that long and cant testify to its general reliability but, i can tell you that within its limitations its really quite comfortable for touring. Of course its obvious limitations as a touring bike are its range (130-150 on mine) its storage limitations (I use a tailpak and tankbag and travel light) and to a lesser degree its wind protection, but overall, not a bad trip bike. This bike fits the role between a C14 and a Husky SM, so i didnt need it to do everything. Other bikes I considered were the Hypermotard and the Street fighter....but hands down picked the tuono after riding them.....I do wish the tuono had ABS though....several friends have 1050 tigers and (JMHO) they all handle weird to me......as far as off road...never give that up!

Racer X
11-18-2011, 08:48 AM
take the MSF course before you do anything bike.

11-18-2011, 09:31 AM
When I lived in Orlando, from 2005 to 2009, I pretty much gave up street riding. I took to riding in the sand at various spots around central Florida. I also joined Florida Trail Riders and did a few Hare Scrambles. I also did some Dixie Dualsport events out at Richloam.

When I moved to Nashville, I sold my BMW R1200RT and replaced it with the Tuono. About 4 months later the wife complained that we no longer had a two up bike, so we bought a Goldwing (which she never rides on).

Now I pretty much ride the Goldwing, during the week, when I can find time, and ride the Tuono on Saturday/Sunday sports bikes rides.

Most of my rides are about 290 miles, with about 45 miles of highway at the start and the same at the end of the ride. So I ride slab when I'm fresh and then do it when I've been in the saddle after a few hours.

I've mounted a GPS and an Escort radar detector to the Tuono. On the slab I run at an indicated 90mph, about 84mph indicated on my GPS. I'm perfectly comfortable at that pace.

I'm 5' 7" and about 170lbs, I find I'm no more tired on the Tuono than on the 'Wing. The only comfort mods I've made to the Tuono is a slightly taller windscreen, a Puig I think, and I had the stock seat recovered, the original one was as slippery as ice.

On the street, I've found the Tuono just as capable as my '98 R1 with Penske shock and RaceTech fork internals and my Ducati 1098S. The only area it gives anything up is in a little acceleration and top end, and i'm talking about ZX10's and such. When we hit a bit of a straight and my buddies want to go ballistic, I just let them go and catch them up a few corners later.

The Tuono is one of the best bikes I've owned.

11-18-2011, 11:04 AM
Sounds like a Shiver may be more the do it all bike for me but the T sure is sexy, but I'm preaching to the choir again.

Any thoughts? Go back offroad and leave you all alone? :whiner:

I had a Shiver last year for a month or so. I was rearended and totaled by a cager (one year ago today) so, I bought a Tuono. With the Shiver, I felt like there should be another gear for the highway. Cruising at 80+ seemed kind of buzzy. The T will feel smooth at those speeds. The Shiver will get you slightly better mpg but not better range. IMO, the seat on the T is much better for long rides.

I made a trip to North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, on the T, a few months ago and had no choice but to travel some long straight roads. I did a couple of 400 mile days with no problem. I added the Laminar Lip windshield for long trips, it seems to help with the wind and I used a Ventura system with the Aero Spada pack and had plenty of room for my five day tip including a laptop. For longer trips, you can use two packs on the Ventura rack. I use the Ventura Sport Pack for day trips when I want to carry a few items.

Around town, you may favor the Shiver, on the open road Tuono wins. Especially for sport touring.

A picture of me on the Dragon.

11-19-2011, 03:52 PM
Thanks for the responses. Think I'd relearn things lost in the MSF course? I've been jumping my drz & old Rickman a bit the past few years and those skills were like climbing back on the horse again. What's dimmer are my reflexes and rusty too.

Good reports on the T. For 1500 more, it still sounds like the buy over the Shiver...don't wanna be sitting shiva or buying a Shiver.