View Full Version : RXV 550 vs. SXV 450 Riding Impressions

11-13-2011, 10:36 AM
Last Sunday, and friend and I went out for about 100 miles of tight twisty roads. At the halfway mark we switched bikes. Both of us were stunned that the two machines were so different. You would have thought they were totally different machines built by different companies.

The RXV 550:
- tons more low end torque
- less stable due to narrower Pirelli MT-90 tires
- less engine vibration
- softer suspension
- stock gearing of 15-48 replaced by 16-42 and SXV fifth gear

The SXV 450:
- very stable in tight turns due to big road tires and front brake rotor (more massive gyroscopes)
- seemed like less than 1/2 the low end torque (< 5000 rpm) of the RXV 550
- stock gearing, for all but the tightest turns you were in fifth gear
- a lot more vibration than the RXV 550, we were shocked
- big felt much smaller physically than the RXV
- motor still felt tight with less than 500 miles on it

Do the above impressions sound about right? I think maybe the TBI need to be re-balanced on the SXV 450. That level of vibration did not seem right.

11-13-2011, 01:26 PM
I have an 09 rxv 450 and an 06 rxv 550, the 09 has a slightly heavier flywheel and a lower subframe compared to the 06. Stepper motor and different fuel injection makes the 09 an easier starter.

Ride wise in the dirt, the 450 is a lot friendlier in the single tracks, picks up smoother and is overall a lot friendlier.

On the fast bits, the 550 is clearly the one to have, turn in seems a but better but more impressive i find the traction, the bike 'bites' better and seems to get better traction but then quickly runs out. The 450 is smoother done below but seems to loose traction quicker.

Overall, the 550 is plain scary (good for african plains and lifting the front over obstacles at speed) while the 450 make friends quickly and is great fun in the single tracks.

All in all, 2 different engines... Hard to compare..