View Full Version : Grinding/scrapping noise! Any help!

11-05-2011, 01:12 AM
Hey guys

Got a little issue with the SXV

When ridding( In Gear ) I get a constant Whining/scraping noise coming from the centre of the bike, maybe to the left a bit. It seems to increase in Repetition/frequency as the bike goes faster.. not with rpm( but cant really tell due to the loudness of the exhaust)

Funny thing is when Im stopped, it goes away.

When Im ridding and pull the clutch in, it goes away. But as soon as i slowly release the clutch to the friction point it comes back, quiet loud.. Definatly seems clutch related..

I have tried it whilst going at speed and shutting the bike off so i can hear, I can hear the same sound but not as loud.. more of a constant squeaking, which seems to get more frequent with speed....

Its really starting to worry and piss me off

Any help identifying this would be great guys, I have already got alot of advice from here.

Would it be safe to continue riding.??