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04-08-2004, 07:40 PM
Back to the business of sharing info, instead of jousting ideologies!
Some of the non-performance upgrades I’ve done to my ’04 RSV-R: Kriss Industries makes a sweet little item (Brake Alert, Mod # BA-4000, $39.00) that blinks your brake light when either brake is used. The blink rate is about 2 a second and constant as long as the brake is being used. With the tiny “vertical stripe” taillight on the new Mille, I like to be a little more obvious! You better first check ands be sure these are legal in your state.
Throttle Meister makes an extremely sanitary throttle/cruise control. http://www.throttlemeister.com/tm.html A bit pricey at $139.00, but the cleanest, safest, best product along those lines I’ve ever seen! Straightforward 3-minute install on the Mille and works like a charm! Really some much needed relief of long hauls!
And finally, the Scorpio SR-i500 alarm system. Compact, simple, compatible install, built in transmitter and all in one remote/pager. A bargain at $300. bucks!